Karma: once you meet her you won’t forget her

It all started in the universal mind of The Man Upstairs, where it became clear that every action has its corresponding reaction, effect and consequence.

And that was called, Karma.

As time went by, people forgot about Karma. They believed that we are not one, that you are different from me, that we are separate, that ‘here’ is completely disconnected from ‘there’. People came to believe that if they stiff someone, for example, the effect of that action is just on the poor slob who got stiffed and they can walk away scott free.

The relentless repetition of this careless behavior started to get Karma pretty pissed, because nobody likes to be ignored. Especially a universal law.

In the omnipotent mind of The Man Upstairs it became apparent that some drastic action needed to be taken to awaken the unaware people, before all of creation spun into total chaos.

Finally the grand solution was channeled through the brilliant mind of Annie Wood.

And that was called, Karma’s A B*tch.

I – as Mr. Linguini – had the good fortune of meeting Karma when my mind wasn’t yet aware. But it took me no time to connect the dots. And so it is for many people, like Eddie, for example, while others require ‘proof’ and time to let go of their skepticism.

This is what happened, at the beginning (click the link or the picture): Karma’s A B*tch – Meet Karma

Meet Karma

Fly with Karma: Selected by Virgin America as “Best of the web”.






And this is what happened to Mr. Linguini when he discovered how sweet good Karma is (click the link or the picture): Karma’s A B*tch – A date with Mr. Linguini

A date with Mr. Linguini







Catch up on the series (3 more episodes to the season finale), meet The Man Upstairs, other Beings and follow Karma on her mission:

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